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Beaulieu’s Historic Landscape in Safe Hands

23rd August 2016

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Countryside and L&Q, the joint developers behind the renowned development, Beaulieu, on the outskirts of Chelmsford, have appointed national land management charity the Land Trust to manage and maintain the impressive 176 acres of parks and open spaces that will be provided across the scheme. As the development progresses, Beaulieu’s abundant variety of green open spaces will be entrusted to Beaulieu Estate Management Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Land Trust. They will take care of the estate parkland indefinitely on behalf of, and in partnership with, the Beaulieu residents and wider local community.

Located within the picturesque parkland of King Henry VIII’s former Tudor palace, the site’s historic and natural environment give Beaulieu its unique character. Beaulieu Estate Management will work with local residents to preserve and enhance these valuable open spaces - which range from formal parks, village greens, and children’s play areas to orchards, community gardens and natural meadows to ensure that Beaulieu remains an attractive and healthy place to live that all the community can enjoy.

Andrew Carrington, Managing Director of Strategic Land at Countryside commented: “At any development, green space is a valuable asset, but Beaulieu is particularly special in that the development has been designed, planned and built around the site’s natural landscape. The resulting meadows, parks, and gardens will need careful and expert planning and management to create and maintain a safe, clean and attractive environment for the community.

Jerome Geoghegan, Group Director for Development and Sales at L&Q, added: “We know that our new residents have been particularly attracted to this aspect of Beaulieu, and by partnering with the Land Trust, we are delighted to safeguard these premium green assets, and secure the long-term value of the development for the benefit of all residents.”

Euan Hall, Chief Executive of the Land Trust, added: “As a land management charity, the Land Trust has many years’ experience delivering well managed green space and we are delighted to be working with Countryside and L&Q at Beaulieu. This is a fantastic residential development which has been planned with plenty of open space for the community to enjoy.

“Well-managed public space around people’s home is important to help communities flourish and maintain and even enhance the value of the property. As a charity we are committed to working to not only manage the open space, the play areas, orchards and meadows, but to involve the community as much as possible. We can’t wait to get started.”

The Land Trust is an independent, national charity which owns and manages green public open spaces on behalf of, and in partnership with, local communities. The Land Trust is committed to ensuring that public open spaces, such as country parks,woodlands and nature reserves have sustainable management and financial plans to safeguard them forever, and to improving the quality of people’s lives by creating sustainable, high quality green spaces that deliver environmental, social and economic benefits.

As well as extensive landscaping, Beaulieu will also benefit from a network of footpaths, cycleways, as well as a nature and heritage trail and an extended bridleway route, ideal for exploring the new parkland, heathland and meadows across the development. Sports fields are also planned as part of the proposed new secondary school, for the use of all Beaulieu residents.

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Information correct at time of publication.