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1st July 2017

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The residents of Beaulieu in Chelmsford were rewarded with a day of fun in the sun last Saturday 1st July. The Beaulieu Estate Management team hosted an engaging day of events for children and parents alike, giving them opportunities to get involved with various activities, while getting the chance to get to know their neighbours a little better.

The long, warm English summer day proved a great hit for all the families now resident at Beaulieu, the new community on the edge of Chelmsford, by Countryside and L&Q. The children particularly enjoyed face painting, parachute games and some creative art workshops. The parents were able to meet the Beaulieu artist who is the inspiration behind the public art on the estate and benefited from a short and interesting guided walk around some of the physical exterior works that have been created to keep the land around the estate in tip top condition. Ice creams, picnics and Pimms were served to make the day even more enjoyable.

Charles Langtree from Beaulieu Estate Management commented: “We are very keen to ensure that the new residents of Beaulieu learn to love and cherish this land that they are living on. Our role is to engage with all our inhabitants, which does include wildlife and plants as well as our humans! By helping people to understand more about where they are living will, in the long term, help with growth of our animal population too.”

The family fun day was just one of a series of events that will take place over the coming months across the green spaces at Beaulieu, with the aim of getting residents and locals passionate about their environment and to help create a biodiverse landscape that can be enjoyed by generations to come. With plans to build over 3,600 homes on the site over the next two decades, it is essential that the open spaces and parkland areas can nurture the creatures that live there and encourage more to come over the years.

Andrew Carrington, Managing Director, Strategic Land at Countryside said: “It is excellent that we are able to introduce the artist, David Mackie, who has been such a key influencer in the art that is being installed around Beaulieu, to the residents. I hope that they found the day both fun and informative.”

Jerome Geoghegan, Group Director, Development and Sales, at L&Q said: “A central element of the design of Beaulieu is to create a place where people are encouraged to enjoy the outdoors, and be active, which is why its public open spaces, parks and play areas are so important. This marks the start of an exciting phase at Beaulieu, as the green spaces start to grow in and with the help of Beaulieu Estate Management, we are ensuring our residents and the local wildlife feel at home here.”

Homes are now being occupied in Beaulieu with over 100 families now already resident. The new homes are arranged within individually designed character areas. Each area has its own distinct architectural style - so whether you’re looking for a traditional style property or an uber-modern home, there are styles to suit all modern lifestyles. To register your interest in new homes please visit: