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Five Years of Beaulieu: In Conversation With…Kip McGrath Chelmsford North Education Centre

16th September 2020

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Beaulieu is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2020. For our next ‘In Conversation With’, Countryside spoke to Mark Arrowsmith of Kip McGrath Chelmsford North – a new education centre at Beaulieu – on how the development has evolved over the past five years and what draws people to its unique sense of community.

What makes Beaulieu such a special place to live and work?

Beaulieu is a fresh and modern development; it’s perfect for families in all that it offers – from housing and green open spaces to community facilities. It’s also ideal for small and independent businesses to grow and thrive – its purpose-built to make it easier for everyone in the local and wider community to travel to and from places of work, school and leisure.

How long have you been open for and what’s your purpose for the neighbourhood?

Since September 2018, Kip McGrath Chelmsford North has tutored students from 6 to 16 years old.Our ongoing mission is to provide high-quality tuition to students who need a boost to reach their age-related expectations, as well as accommodating those pupils who need an extra challenge.Kip McGrath Chelmsford North is about realising the potential of every student by working in partnership with teachers, students and parents.

In your own view, what are some of the standout aspects of the development?

Beaulieu has everything in place to be a focal point for the community: good quality housing, a new and impressive all-through school and a wide range of well-considered retail outlets.From a business owner’s point of view, it is well positioned, provides ample parking, and attracts a lot of passing footfall.Beaulieu is developing a reputation further afield which in turn is drawing new people and customers to the area, allowing businesses to prosper - an impressive feat during these very challenging times.

Everyone who lives and works at Beaulieu benefits from the abundant green space; it’s known that space like this provides multiple physical as well as mental health benefits. Having space like this also encourages the community to exercise and socialise.

Is there a strong sense of community at Beaulieu?

We have the benefit of seeing Beaulieu being built from the ground up, and it’s been fantastic to see how quickly the development has matured and expanded and to see a strong community forming within and around it. Beaulieu is becoming an important hub for the local community and we are looking forward to seeing it continue to grow and flourish.

Beaulieu is home to a thriving mix of residents, business owners and community groups which has been growing over the past five years. Kip McGrath Chelmsford North is located at 61A Centenary Way, Beaulieu Square, Springfield, CM1 6AU, Chelmsford and can be contacted on or 01245 466067.Visit for full details on tutoring services.